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Welcome customers from Saudi Arabia to visit our company and discuss business
Welcome customers from Saudi Arabia to visit our company and discuss business

    On November 26th, the Saudi customer visited our factory for inspection. The customer first watched the company's promotion of video, and then the two sides introduced their respective companies. After a preliminary understanding, the customer affirmed the comprehensive strength of our company.

    After the meeting, accompanied by the company's leaders, the customer visited the company's office, laboratory, process department, technical department, production workshop and so on. And customers are interested in the fault arc protector products for on-site operation, demonstration and explanation. The customer is very satisfied with the high performance and high quality of aidi electric's fault arc protector.

     After the visit and investigation, the customer had a deeper understanding of adidi electric. In the subsequent conversation, the two sides reached further consensus on several cooperation intentions. Aidi electric with strong technical strength, advanced production technology, excellent product quality, perfect service system, has become the same industry by customers praise and trust manufacturers. We adhere to the principle of "customer first, service first", so that aidi electric won the trust of customers, set up a good corporate image.

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